Notaries in Paris

To support each one of your projects with rigor, effectiveness and a strong
commercial approach.
For all your investments in France:
Real Estate,
Assets, Inheritance

We are lawyers and public officers in charge of attesting, certifying, signing and sealing civil legal documents, for which the authentic form is prescribed either by the law or required by the parties.

Our unique experience in real estate and wealth management is a key asset for the safety of your investments

To support each one of your projects with rigor, perseverance and effectiveness.

We are here to make sure your needs are met. R&D notaires has set the ambition to answer all the challenges your investments would face. We commit ourselves to bringing to you, whithin the shortest possible time, precise and clear answers to all your questions. Our offer is dedicated to those who require competence and availability as the bases of a successful collaboration.

Our customers are French institutional investors (Major Financial Institutions or OPCI…) foreign investors (Investment Funds,
Sovereign Funds), businessmen and family offices. We will make you benefit from our broad range of personalized expertise in order to support your growth and to meet all your needs.


R&D Notaires comprises two core business sectors: Real Estate & Inheritance. Each division collects information, analyzes, evaluates the risks and
negotiates on your behalf, in a constant collaboration with your teams.


The Real Estate division will take part in structuring your acquisitions, your transfers and your whole operations, always aiming to: protect your interests and respect your deadlines


The Inheritance division will support your family project throughout your life and help you reach your goals. We anticipate the risks, adapt the structures and honor an ultimate level of confidence.

  • Real estate investment
  • Asset management
  • Inheritance & Family office
  • Real estate funding
  • Public affairs
  • Town planning

Our teams, entirely at your service, are English-speaking and multilingual.


Commitment, effectiveness, rigor

We established strong relationships with our customers and our partners through:

  • Our honesty and professionalism based on our precise expertise and know-how
  • Our “custom-tailored” treatment of the challenges our customers have to face


Unique personalities to answer each one of your needs

Maître Olivier Duparc

Maître Olivier Duparc

Maître Julien Rémusat

Maître Julien Rémusat


The security of your projects and the optimization of their organization

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